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EverLogic is a complete, end to end dealer management solution that includes following software modules:

Contact us today for a demo, and if you decide to purchase EverLogic, you'll get a free POS printer!

We simplify dealership management.


EverLogic helps you streamline every business process, and gives you access to valuable information that empowers you to better serve your customers.  EverLogic is more than a software package, it's a business system. 

By following our proven process and having access to structured business data, your staff will become more efficient and be positioned to better serve your customers.

Total, End to End Dealership Management Solution

Powerful Data and Analytics

EverLogic empowers you with data insights about your dealership.  Easily access sales data, inventory information, customer analytics and much more.  View the data in EverLogic's visual dashboards, allowing you to drive efficiency and cost savings.

We have QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors support specialists to help you understand how to use EverLogic Software and QuickBooks.

To use EverLogic Dealership Software, all you need is an internet connection and a PC.  You have access to all of your data from anywhere, anytime.  Because the software is "in the cloud", there are no expensive software servers to buy and maintain, and all backups and offsite data storage is handled for you.

How Do I Access EverLogic?

Because EverLogic is cloud-based, we handle all of the infrastructure, maintenance, data backups and software upgrades.

Training and Support

Software in the Cloud


"These days, all folks ever hear are complaints, and I just wanted to let you know there's another side to that coin.

I am absolutely thrilled with EverLogic and its many capabilities.  As the Controller of the company, it has made my job so much easier.  What's even more surprising is your wonderful support department.  Nella and Krista always respond so quickly and are such a HUGE help in keeping my books clean!  Ben is amazing with all the customized forms, and God bless Jan for putting up with so many of my calls!  (I know there is a Lindsay and a Maya behind the scenes helping, too!)

I just wanted to let them all know, as well as you, of course, how appreciated you all are, and how pleased we are with our switch to EverLogic.  We look forward to a long relationship with you all and EverLogic!"

What are our customers saying about us?

"As a company with multiple locations spread across the United and Canada, we needed a DMS product and provider that would keep us connected. EverLogic has proved to be that powerful, yet affordable software solution for us. The support staff at EverLogic has been there since day one to implement any need changes, and their people are great to deal with. Their software is easy to navigate and can generate any reports to your specific needs without the need to understand complex programming. They are constantly making updates to solve any of your specific needs in upcoming releases. Another great feature is the fact that they host this software on their servers, so you can rest easy at night knowing that your data is secure. If you are looking for total software solution for your dealership, look no further! I am happy to recommend their product and services to anyone. "

Penn RV Sales & Service



Cruise America

"Things here are going great!  We have been busy both in the store and RV sales.  I can't tell you how happy I am with the software.  The only problems I have is my own lack of knowledge with QB and other accounting issues.  Lindsay has been a God Send for me.  Of course I don't want to forget everyone else that has helped me.  

You all have a wonderful group of people there! "

Frontenac Harbor

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